How We Work With Clients


We are passionate about providing the highest possible level of client service. To ensure that you are delighted at every step of your experience with us, we offer the following commitments to each of our clients:  

  • We are genuinely interested in our clients. Their interests are always foremost in our minds.
  • We make an exceptional effort to understand each of our client's unique needs, values and goals before recommending any financial strategies.
  • We hand-tailor an investment plan that is based on well-researched, academically sound investment strategies for each client. Our advice is specifically designed to be sensible and appropriate based on that client's objectives.
  • We offer guidance based on our professional experience and our commitment to helping clients realize their financial goals. We work closely with our clients so they are empowered to make smart decisions about their money.
  • We work closely with our network of professionals to systematically provide creative solutions to our clients' financial challenges.
  • We strive to be readily available to provide information and assistance to our clients. Our goal is to return all calls daily, and always within 24 hours.
  • We regularly and systematically monitor each client's investment portfolio.
  • We are available to talk with the client face to face or over the phone at whatever frequency is most comfortable for the client.
  • We encourage our clients to share their opinions, request explanations and express their preferences. In return, we are forthright and open in all our exchanges with our clients.
  • We maintain the highest standards of professional ethics and responsibility.


We further distinguish ourselves by prioritizing the following:

  • Thoroughness-Because we work with an elite team of wealth management specialists, we can anticipate our clients' financial challenges and address them effectively and efficiently.
  • Convenience-By centralizing the wealth management process, our clients can spend less time thinking about their financial affairs and more time doing what they love to do.
  • Discretion-In order to offer our clients maximum protection, we exercise a high degree of discretion in all aspects of our work. We strive to preserve client confidentiality.
  • Value-Consolidating financial services through the Pinnacor Financial Group helps clients reduce their investment costs and increase earnings potential through more strategic comprehensive financial planning.
  • Independence - We are independent...representing our clients not any particular company.




   New Client Process


The new client process starts with an initial discovery meeting, where we will get to know each other. This discussion leads to the development of a Personal Client Profile. We then help prioritize your most pressing financial issues and follow our systematic process to research solutions. We are resourceful and creative and will only offer solutions that are suitable for your personal situation.


Advanced Financial Planning

Once your personalized investment strategy is implemented, there will be opportunities to address other issues of importance. But Wealth Management goes far beyond smart asset management.



  Successful clients require Advanced Planning capabilities as it relates to the following:

  • WEALTH ENHANCEMENT: The process of using strategies for maximizing the tax efficiency of current assets and cash flow while striving to achieve both growth and preservation goals.
  • WEALTH CONSERVATION: A process of using strategies to legally structure the future disposition of current and protected assets for the maximum benefit of your chosen beneficiaries. This includes careful planning to mitigate the effect of estate taxes on your family.
  • ASSET PROTECTION: The process of employing legally acceptable concepts and strategies to help ensure that a person's wealth is not unjustly taken from you or your family.
  • CHARITABLE GIVING: The process of using strategies to maximize the effectiveness of charitable intent so that our clients can support the causes they believe in.


Our wealth management strategies are driven by a collaborative effort of professionals, a hand-selected team of leading specialists. We strategize with our team to help us identify solutions that deliver you the maximum benefit. We address these most pressing needs first and then systematically address all aspects of the client's financial life over the course of our working together.

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